A Court of Thorns and Roses

In A Court of Thorns and Roses (ACOTAR) The main character, Feyre, has two sisters and a father back at home to support. None of her family has adjusted to losing their wealth, except Feyre, who keeps them alive through her ability hunt in the nearby forest. A forest that many avoid because it borders the faerie lands.

One cold, bleak winter she spots a deer and kills not just it but the pursuing wolf. Such good fortune can’t come without a high price, and so she finds here herself dragged in the faerie lands by a beast.
The first couple chapters put me in mind of Cinderella, and then the rest of the story certainly reminded me of Beauty and the Beast.

I had mixed feelings about this book because I was expecting something similar to the style of the author’s first book series. This book hinted at the progression of the rest of the series towards being more erotic than her work. It seems partially a retelling of Beauty and the Beast with a pinch of Cinderella and then the Tam Lin stories. It felt familiar and I didn’t feel hooked in by the plot despite some new elements specific to this story.

I’ve since discovered that there are groups who love or hate this series. I don’t have feelings as strong as that, it was an entertaining read, and I could understand the criticisms of those who did not enjoy the series but also understand the appeal for the fans.

While my review for the novel is lukewarm, I have no reservations in recommending the ACOTAR colouring book which is brimming with beautiful pictures.

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