How I decluttered and traded-in close to 200 books

Hi Friends This video is about decluttering my bookshelf and using Ziffit and MusicMagpie to trade-in books. This video isn’t sponsored by them.

Having watched a lot of videos about the low amount to expect for my books, I was fully expecting about £30 maximum and was pleasantly surprised to have been paid a total in the three-digit range.

Video Timestamps: 01:11 The Decision 02:46 The Method 04:37 The Process 05:34 The Trade-In {where I share how much I got paid} 06:50 The End Result

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WHO AM I: I’m Katja, a project manager working in Cambridgeshire, UK. I’m a newbie to YouTube and make videos about reading; I soon intend to include episodes on writing and productivity.

GET IN TOUCH: I’ll try to respond to all the comments on my channel. If you’d like to ‘talk’ in a more focused way then Tweeting @KatjaWeinert is the quickest way for me to respond.

Please note; Some of the links in the description of my videos will be affiliate links that I get a kickback from 😜, but as there are no links for this video that doesn’t really apply here 🤣

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