Space Opera September and Jurassic Park Readalong

Hi Everyone

A quick share that if you enjoy science fiction and group reads, then you might be interested in taking part in the Space Opera September Readathon and the Jurassic Park Readalong.

Space Opera September is running on a number of platforms (storygraph, goodreads, discord etc) and is hosted by Tom whose booktube channel is known as SFF180.

Jurassic Park Readalong is hosted by Spenelli Speaks and runs from September into October. For September everyone who joins reads Jurassic Park, and in October the readalong covers The Lost World.

In my video I share which three books I’ll be reading for Space Opera September and why the Jurassic Park Readalong appeals to me. Channel links in the video description.

If you’ve recently read A Memory Called Empire by Arkady Martine, then you might be interested in this live discussion I took part in with Margaret Pinard and Amrita by the Book. Exploring themes of colonisation, social memory and more. Timestamps in the video description provide the themes in case you want to just hone in on a particular topic.

Hope you’re all fortunate with the books you’re currently reading, and have more reads to look forward to coming up 📚💛.

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